Candy crush; I love me some and more.
Ever since I got introduced to candy crush in January this year, I’ve slept, eaten, done everything candy crush.
Sadly, I got frustrated one time and deleted the app off my phone, only to re install it at a later time, who lost? Me of cos, MB wastage, time, energy…sigh

Let me explain what candy crush is, cos some people are as clueless as I was before I got hooked.
Candy crush is a strategy game, and I’ve learnt a great deal from the game.

•Brain vs Thumb
Normally when playing a game, I let my thumb do the moves, but in candy crush’s case, I leave every move to my brain, the consequence of leaving my thumb in control is far too expensive. (Will explain under patience)

Candy crush has taught me to be patient, (like say I get choice before *rolling my eyes*) once you lose all five lives, you’d to wait about thirty minutes and even more.
At some stages of the game, you’d have to wait 24hrs or unlock the next round via facebook (ain’t nobody gat time for that).

•It looks Simple, but is it really Simple?
Candy crush has taught me that when I move to the next round, I shouldn’t underestimate it because it looks like a sure-one-time hit. (E go just shock you say you go remain for that level for hours or even days).

Candy crush has taught me a whole lot, to be wise at making decisions (making crucial decisions at crucial times e.g when I have one move left), that patience is key (sometimes I’m too eager to return to the game and then I play with just one life, if I lose that round, I’d have to wait probably 12minutes, which seems like an hour).
Candy crush be making a young girl think and act like an old woman, chaii.

Ehen, I was on a public bus sometime last week, and of course, I didn’t know anyone on the bus. We had gone awhile with no one talking to the other, when suddenly we started hearing candy crush tone, everyone was looking for the player oh (no be small thing), eventually one girl asked who was playing it and the player (a girl) responded. That’s how candy crush players got talking oh, next thing, we exchanged phones, those who had passed levels others were stuck on, helped them oh.
I had been playing candy crush, but I prefer the sound, off. The dude who was by my side asked me what candy crush was, after telling him, he was like… (O_O) (»_«) really? Game? And you all are talking about it as if it were something serious? We burst out laughing.

Candy crush isn’t just a game, its much more and I can say its definitely added a positive impact on me. I’m much more calm, and I can control myself when my tummy is all knotted, plus it saves me when I’m having a bad date or if I’m waiting for someone.

Candy crush for game president!!! 😀

Oh before it skips my mind, HAPPY NEW MONTH, I wish you all the very best, Amazing August has to offer.
On the 3rd of August last year, I was hospitalised and I’m grateful the story’s different this year, I’m healthy, happy and at a point where I’m nothing but contented and at peace.

Blessed Sunday folks



And we are at the 8th month of the year, grateful to the Almighty for what has, what is and what will be.
To all August babies, I wish you all a very splendid month.
Sadly, we are at a time when the world seems to be fighting off one crime, disaster or another.
There’s been flood, famine, corruption, rituals, murders, suicide, boko haram, wild fire, ebola, cancers of all sorts to name but a few, let’s take time out to pray for those departed and try to help yourself and the government by staying away from crowded places, being very cautious and reporting illegal behaviours.
Regardless, we still have life and we have to be very grateful.

Thought to make a very quick post and wish everyone an Amazing August and September lurks around(yope, my birthday is so much around *puts thinking cap on- how man pikin go celebrate this year nau?) Well anything can happen before then 😉

Happiness isn’t something postponed for the future,
Its designed for the future,
Happiness starts within.



Tuesday was amazing, its fun to be around family especially in this holiday period, full house things.
The rain in minna has somehow been halted, dark clouds no rain, hot weather, so annoying.
Regardless, I try to make good use of whatever the situation I find myself.
Took some really cool photographs today and with the aid of instagram I had them worked on, I still fine sha even without photoshop.

Sallah food was still coming in, so much rice, tuwon shinkafa, drinks and meat. At the moment I’m so bloated and I’ve never felt so happy.
Good news everywhere, but I’ld keep sealed lips till its okay to be out in the open 😉

•Never be afraid to start over, It’s a new chance to rebuild what you want.

•When your circle gets smaller, your vision is prone to get bigger.

•You can’t un-roast a roasted corn.

Fingers crossed against tomorrow.


How much food have you eaten today? None? Really? If you haven’t eaten up to five different dishes today then you are friendless. Today is Sallah for pete’s sake and you should have eaten so much by now.

Woke up this morning and it was raining silly but it later on got bright and I had to be thankful for yet another day.
I have everything to be thankful for and today triples as a Sunday, Sallah and the start of a new day.

So keep happy and remember the quality of your life is determined by the character of those you invite into it. Not everyone is safe to know who you are. So choose wisely. 😉

Barka da Sallah
Happy beautiful Sunday
And a blessed week ahead.

Life consists of two days, one for you and one against you, when its for you, be not proud, and be patient when its against you, for both days are to test you.


Someone got missing this evening, a young yet old man, he’s dark and fair in complexion, he’s hairy and not, he’s a definition of Tall, Dark and Handsome, yet he’s of average height, fair and not so handsome, he’s clean and prim, yet so rugged, he’s a gentleman but no, he’s a tough man…on the outside, coarse and funny, laughing at my every joke and looks at me with such love only seen in fairy tale movies.
He’s with me all the time, helping me achieve my dreams and letting me experience the sky is just another stepping stone to greater things.
Now that’s one man I can chase after in my stiletto, his type are hard to come by.

I think he went that way ⇨

I miss you

Please return soon’ish.

Mr. Sleep

That’s what happens when sleep eludes me 😦

If YOU see him, kindly bundle that dude up and parcel him to me, I can receive him via twitter, bbm, text, phone call, whatsapp, bikonu, ejor, dan Allah.

Happy Sallah my Muslim friends.


A few quotes I came across.

•Follow your bliss… If you lose, don’t lose the lesson.

•Don’t judge me because I sin differently from you.

•Don’t step on toes, keep your issues enclosed, straight to business and try to always make it real.

•I guess you lose some and gain some, as long as the outcome is income (lol).

Shortest post yet. 😉


I got tagged by Cassiedaves on the ‘Being Me’ blog tag, and hers was fun to read, so here’s mine.

•Are you named after someone?
Yes I am (I’m Junior to someone senior,lol).

•When was the last time you cried?
Ah, today oh. I cried today, crazy flu causing headache, temperature, stuffed/running nose, fast pulse… Why wouldn’t I cry? I’m a cry cry baby though, I cry watching a movie, when I’m chopping onions, when I run out of nutri C, when I’m watching a movie and when NEPA takes light, lol.

•Do you have children?
Not yet, soonest 😉

•If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
Most definitely, I’m not the best of friends, but ild surely give you healthy laughs, eat your food when your upset and won’t eat, when you are dieting ild help you eat your food, if you are a muslim, trust me to break fast with you, that’s what friends do right? You can’t sit there and watch someone you call a friend grow ‘fat’, help them, eat their food today, its called sacrifice 😉

•Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Very weird GP I tell you. I love to collect beautiful biros, cute coloured pens, pencils (lol). I am a die hard fan of food (every type so long as its edible) Hollandia yoghurt, kilishi, as per fashion pieces (I’m not big on fashion, I don’t even know blue from black) scarves.

•Do you like handwriting?
Yes, I grew up in a family where we were urged to write, just like my father I have loads of jotters, I’m always writing down something.

•What is your favourite cereal?
Will have to be golden morn

•What is the first thing you notice about people?
Their shoes

•What is the colour of your eyes?

•Scary movies or happy endings?
I love happy endings but that isn’t always reality, depending on my mood I’ll watch any.

•Favourite TV show?
Ellen Degeneres, Tinsel, Shuga, my mum and I.

•Winter or summer?
Haven’t experienced winter yet, so I’ll go with summer.

•Hugs or kisses?
Where’s the handshake option?

•Special talent?
I can put my hands in prayer mode behind my back and even touch the back of my head, (scary?). I can sleep for days(if there was a competition for that, I’ld emerge winner of the universe)

•Where were you born?
Niger state, Nigeria.

Reading, writing, eating, hiking, walking by the sea shore while the *sunshine is shining*…lol.

•Do you have any pets?
Cept for the rats in my house (sigh, they’ve imposed themselves on me as pets, now I leave food for them).
I grew up around lots of animals, my father’s house was like a zoo, monkeys, a parrot, turtles, fish, canaries, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs (we never had a cat though). But at the moment I don’t own a pet, I will eventually get a puppy.

•Favourite movie?
Pompeii, Thor, bikonu I’ve forgotten most of the names.

•What colour is your car?
My dream car would be black, but after seeing Olga (of Blark’s cafe- google it) ‘s tyrone (the name of her cute white car) I might just want a white car.

•What do you want to do when you grow up?
I want to own a house by the beach, so ild spend all day feeling the sand beneath my feet and the gentle breeze blowing sweetly. Lol

Olga- blark’s cafe
Sisi yemmie
Matilda’s child

So so, that’s me… Feel free to jump on this tag, it will be a pleasure to read your responses, you can leave links in the comment section, thanks Cassiedaves, I appreciate.
Have a beautiful night rest my people


Wanted to share my top five Nigerian favourites, some are old stuff, but never old in my heart. Its the seventh month of the year 2014 and so far these still rock my boat.

•PATORANKING: after watching GIRLIE O’ remix and realising he sang ALUBARIKA I fell heads and heels in love with this guy and his beautiful carved brows. And his collabo with Sheyi Shay on the MURDA song was awesoooome.

•PHYNO: I just love this guy and his sharp Igbo spitting tongue. Take off his cock’ish hair though, lol.

•DAVIDO: award winning musician representing Nigeria and getting us all on our feet with songs like Skelewu, Aye, Gobe etc
What is there not to love about the dimpled money bag? *winks*

•TUBABA: (note the list wasn’t arranged in the right order) the ONLY male Nigerian artiste with content in his songs, he can never get it wrong…in my eyes.

•BURNA BOY: dude be doing us well, still in love with Firewood.

•EBISAN: recall watching her first on ‘The Big Friday Show’, and she was the first person who sang rather than have her tape played, wish she would release songs more frequently though.

•SHEYI SHAY: hot, beautiful and talented.

•TIWA: though the ‘Wanted’ video was a bit disappointing, I’m still in love with her songs.

•CHIDINMA a.k.a Ms KEDIKE: shawty is funny, beautiful, petite and talented. Her smile is awesome and her type were created on a peaceful day.

•ASA: lady talented, lady content…


•Girlie O’ remix- Patoranking FT Tiwa
•Murda- Sheyi Shay FT Patoranking & Shaydee
•Deaf- Eva
•Ada Ada- Flavour
•Shoki remix- Davido

•Stella Dimoko
•Linda Ikeji
•Sisi Yemmie

•Pounded yam and vegetable soup
•Amala and ewedu
•Ewa goyin
•Semovita and egusi
•Tuwon shinkafa(tuwon rice) and beans soup

•Hollandia yoghurt
•Fura da nono(cow milk)

•The Johnson’s
•My mom and I
•Super story

•Joseph Benjamin
•Femi Jacobs
•OC Ukeje
•Alex Ekubo
•Shawn Farouq

•Nse Ekpe
•Genevive Nnaji
•Rita Dominic
•Diane Yekinni
•Linda Ejiofor

•Justice Esiri
•Amaka Igwe
•Dora Akunyili
•Fela Kuti

•Easy Taxi

A lot couldn’t make MY list, e.g Selebobo, Praiz, Waje, Surulere, Jasi e.t.c but the love is ‘SHARED’ to all.
Haven’t read any Nigerian book so far and that’s bad. What are your top 5s so far?

2014; So Far

Hasn’t the year been great?

2014, So far, its been great, as with other years its had its highs and lows. These are some of the lessons I’ve learned so far.

As the artiste Black Magic said in his song, ‘TOMORROW’, no one will see tomorrow, today is the tomorrow you thought of yesterday. No one is assured a tomorrow, so worry about today and let tomorrow worry for itself, but, remember what you do today will affect tomorrow.

I was hospitalised in March and only got better in May. I didn’t think I’ld make it and I kept praying to the Almighty, my sub-conscious kept sneering at me and reminding me of how I had not been faithful to Him only now that I needed His help. We do this all the time: remember God only in times of need.
You don’t have to kneel to pray to Him, you don’t need special days only to appreciate His presence in your life. Shut yourself away from the world, even in a noisy environment, close your eyes and pray to Him. Every moment, appreciate Him.

Envy runs deep, when you envy another you find yourself in a competition with another, you get depressed, you scheme and would go lengths to be like that person. Envy no other woman, for her gown may look great, but her bra has holes, be contented.
Run your own race and be yourself.

Never let your happiness be determined by another. By the money in your bank account, a relationship, a job etc
Find inner happiness first, then you can share with the next person. Being happy or smiling never caused a death(at least that I know of). Your happiness is far more than material things, materials can vanish, but if you are happy, your happiness will stay and when people see you happy it makes them happy too(well except your haterz).

I was in Enugu in feb for a wedding, the night before was a friend’s husband’s birthday and we went to celebrate. I was lodged at a hotel while the others were staying with this said friend at her matrimonial home, she had gotten a room in a hotel to celebrate away from her kids and somehow she left with the key to the house, all attempts to call her failed and the girl taking care of her children was a deep sleeper. They(friends, cousin of said girl) took me to my hotel and were contemplating sleeping over(we for manage anyhow) and one of the girls said, ‘what would we have done if there wasn’t the option of Marlyne’s room?’.
That rang in my ears and stuck in my heart, ever since, when in a situation, I ask myself, if there wasn’t this way out, what other way will I use? (They went to the house and fortunately the girl watching the kids had woken up to use the loo, so they got in).

In this generation where people decide to invest their time, money and energy into other peoples business one has to be weary.
Keep your private affairs to yourself, let personal be personal, lock your doors to keep strangers out, clear your grass so you can see the snakes when they wriggle in, be bothered not about what people say, dead or alive they will always talk, grow a though skin. Be friends with people who see you for you, do not keep all those clingy, ITK, friends FOR benefit type of friends.

Don’t hang on to people who have already started a new chapter. Cry if you must, eat as you will(lol) and move on. You have a far better purpose to cut it short by committing suicide or locking yourself up because of someone who wouldn’t even shed a tear for you.

The world may leave you when you need them the most, but family will stay. Appreciate, love and be one with them.

Eat when, how, where and as much as you want, lol, JK. Eat healthy oh, I’m advising you, even though I never take that advise.

Read Bovi’s birthday message to the handsome RMD and in it Bovi shared an advise RMD gave him, it said, ‘when you start from the top, you most likely will end at the bottom’.
I do not want to laugh at Brazil but I can’t help it, that EPIC game that ended 7-1, choii, I cried, after all their gra-gra.

I’ve learned so much, in a period of seven months. And I’m most grateful for life and family.

Happiness cannot be bought, let the Almighty be your best friend. Live, Love and LOL.


How scary to many JJCs…

In 2011 I visited Lagos for the very first time via road trip, on arriving Ojota I saw the most shocking sight ever, about a million people selling, buying, struggling to get on a bus, hurrying to get to their destinations and all, it was a shocking scenario for me because in all of my 20 something years in this earth life I had never seen so many people in a particular place at the same time.
I looked to my sides, behind, in front and even above me to see how flooded it was with beings, human beings. I recall being warned one time to many to hold on to my bag else someone grabbed it, I began to wonder if the stories I had heard before then were true and I held on to my bag like a rat stuck on a glue board.

Forgive my diverting, I needed to share that.
I can only vaguely recall my first ‘jumping bus’ in lagos, but I can recall very vividly my first alone-jumping-bus experience.
After being spoilt with taking cabs which are so expensive in this part of the west while visiting, I could not afford the luxury after I relocated here, so I had to adapt to taking buses.
The very first time I had to ‘jump’ a bus, I was going from Ogudu to Palm grove, you should have seen me trying to fit in(I hear Lagosians say, when you see a JJC you instantly know) my going was easy, but my return was not so. I had overstayed at palmgrove and was sleepy eyed when returning that night to Ogudu, my mind recalled stories of ‘1chance’, etc and my eyes became crystal clear, I did not want to miss my bus stop and everyone who got on the bus or alighted was a suspect…to me.

Different BUS experience;
One day I got on a bus from work and I had given the conductor 500n but he didn’t have change to give me then and I had to wait till he did. As with every lagos bus, the stop to drop passengers and pick passengers is a must, we stopped to get passengers and when we were ready to move, the conductor was no where to be found. He had disappeared with the money made and change of so many people including me, funny thing was the driver had only just met him that evening.
After this experience, I tried to have change in hand or make sure to collect my change just as I was paying my fare.

Another experience was when I boarded a bus from the mainland to the island and the conductor gave people he was to give change to a card(woth) that way he knew whom to give change to and how much.

I also had to learn to jump off a bus, let me explain. There are bus stops and the lagos state government has put officers who fine drivers for parking in wrong places, now, some people may want to alight at a place where the no-parking sign is clearly visible, so as not to get caught, the driver slows down a bit and the passengers jump off the bus. One cannot just jump off, you must have a well practised way, else you fall and stand a chance of being crushed by on-coming vehicles. I got my lesson from a fellow passenger at Oshodi, he must have noticed my uneasiness and I prepared to jump and said, ‘face the back of the bus as you jump, in doing so, you will be able to control yourself, if you face the front of the bus, you might keep running and lose control and then roll off’, there you go thank me later.

Then there was this time I got in to a bus and the conductor shouted, ‘oya, iya ibeji give me your money’, I was so embarrassed.

Or do I even recount the time I sat next to the conductor and in order to collect money from passengers he had to stretch his hand thereby putting his underarm above my face? The stench(closes nose) I could even taste it. Ewww

There was a time I saw a conductor reading, the bus was filled and we were stuck in traffic, I had to peek and I was teary eyed to find he was studying for a test. He was a secondary school student(these are the kind of people God blesses with a from grass-to-grace story).

I have had so many encounters with lagos buses to last a lifetime, but I’m glad my BUS days are over. 😀
Have you come into lagos for visits and experienced this or as a lagosian experienced this? Please share your story and how you have adapted or worked round it.



Dunno why I decided to do this, but I’m doing it either way. My hair has always been short, scanty and stubborn for as long as I can remember, it never grows beyond a certain length. I tried to style it ponytail one time and the outcome was disastrous, only the middle packed up.
If you have seen me before, chances are, I’m tying a head scarf. But in 2011,I started experimenting, and my hair became my playground.

•I cut a mo-hawk style mid 2011, then I let it grow.
• I cut it again early 2013 and this time I dyed it red, thankfully, I wasn’t working in a corporate organisation, so I could afford to carry it.
• Right now, I have dyed it black(my original hair colour is brown) and I’m adapting to braids.
•I hate to sit for long hours having my hair done, I just wasn’t built to sit excruciating hours making hair with stylists either burning my scalp with very hot water or soaking me in the name of washing, or having some stylists rub their underarm in my face, not to talk of those stylists that can gossip for Africa, these are the very slow types, work small, gossip more.

Here are some pictures of the hairstyles ild be caught wearing if I’m not having a head scarf on.
There you have it, lOl, I couldn’t help not posting a head scarf and one of my natural hair picture. I used my phone to take all shots, life of a newbie blogger.
Do you have particular hairstyles you stick to and why? Please share.



Ild first apologise for my long absence, its been what? A year? More? Sigh, its LIFE taking a toll on me, do I start listing the many issues? But that ain’t why we here.
So tonight, I sort of got the knack to post something and I caught the fever from #Cassiedaves, I’m talking about the SHORT girls many problems. Here are my many problems.

This is pretty annoying, sometimes though, some people have made it a habit to ‘christian’ me that. I’m embracing it now, what can a 5’1 do? 😦

In order to reach stuff off a shelf, I have to ask my kid brother, who makes me look like a dwarf beside him to help me get it. The happy side to this is, in my own house I’m having the carpenter make me a shelf I can reach without having to climb a stool or beg for help.

As a short girl, I have always wanted to be with a tall guy(and the good Lord who answers His children, BLESSED me). Cannot imagine having to marry a short guy and my kids look like dwarfs(no offence, but I’m not looking to be cursed by them in the future).

Some shorties like me rock heels endlessly, I can hardly last 2hours in heels, I’m no fan of heels regardless of it making one look more classy, give me sneakers, sandals and flats and I’m fine.

When you add on weight as a short girl, you often times look like a balloon about to explode and it makes you look even shorter 😦

To spice this up a little, I decided to add some benefits of being short.
•Men won’t be intimidated by your height, I had a colleague so tall I always wondered on her behalf.

•Short girls are cute, and I say so matter of FACT

•The taller you are, the thinner the air(lol)

•You can sleep off on the couch without having your legs hanging

•Have you seen a short girl kissing a tall guy? That’s a very romantic sight, having to stand on your toes.

There are a gazillion other short girls problems I could mention, but right now, I have a broom in hand and I’m trying to kill a rat (yes, a rat!!! Thought I had gotten rid of ’em all, but these tiny things keep returning, I’m making a foodinee clan maybe 😦
So how about you drop your short girl problems in the comment box, eyh?